Close Up Of A School Bus

Charter a School Bus for Your Wedding Day

Big Yellow School Bus Stopped On Road With Red Stop Sign Out

Weddings: Together forever

Many wedding days include DATTCO school bus service to transport the wedding party, guests, and the bride and groom safely and comfortably. With a little planning, we can accommodate the variables that are unique to your wedding and make sure the day is everything it should be.

Why Charter a School Bus with DATTCO?

Get a safe, comfortable, reliable journey for you and your group.

Safety First: Our drivers are professionals who undergo rigorous safety training. DATTCO school buses have the latest safety features, and our maintenance is among the best in the business.

Convenience: Skip the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles. Rest easy knowing that your group will travel together in comfort and safety. With us, logistics are stress-free.

Affordable: We help you save on individual transportation costs and put more of your budget towards an unforgettable experience.