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Charter a School Bus

Why Charter a School Bus with DATTCO?

Get a safe, comfortable, reliable journey for you and your group.

Safety First: Our drivers are professionals who undergo rigorous safety training. DATTCO school buses have the latest safety features, and our maintenance is among the best in the business.

Convenience: Skip the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles. Rest easy knowing that your group will travel together in comfort and safety. With us, logistics are stress-free.

Affordable: We help you save on individual transportation costs and put more of your budget towards an unforgettable experience.

Field Trips: A specialty

When it comes to educational outings, we understand the importance of a smooth and timely trip. We also know that the focus should be on learning and exploration rather than logistics and planning. Over the years, DATTCO has provided reliable bus service for literally hundreds of field trips, which has helped create great experiences for students and faculty.


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Weddings: Together forever

Many wedding days include DATTCO school bus service to transport the wedding party, guests, and the bride and groom safely and comfortably. With a little planning, we can accommodate the variables that are unique to your wedding and make sure the day is everything it should be.

Sports: Getting to the game

Sports travel is actually more than getting to the game on time. Teams that travel together have time to plan, learn, laugh, and celebrate. For sports teams and their fans, our school bus charters score big points for punctuality, logistical support, and reliability.

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